Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, with an office in Mississippi, Cahaba’s employees are dedicated to providing innovative and cost-efficient administrative services to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). With a long history of processing Part A and Part B Medicare claims, Cahaba continues to provide exemplary service to ensure that beneficiaries receive the care they need, that the providers who serve them have their claims adjudicated accurately and timely, and that funds from the Medicare Trust Fund are used appropriately. Cahaba is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Healthcare Business Solutions, LLC (HBS).



Cahaba’s Executive Leadership Team has a dynamic talent base. Indicative of Cahaba’s rich history of government contracting, the executive team has a high concentration of Medicare experience, yet is able to tout additional expertise from other public and private sectors including banking, insurance, and hospital administration. This team ensures that the culture and climate rest in the investment made in our associates who then invest their time, effort, and talents in our customers. Our team is full of energy, uses data to support decisions and will change directions when necessary to keep Cahaba’s competitive advantage.



Cahaba’s future is based on our foundation of integrity and experience with a forward-seeking vision of growth in the government healthcare contracting industry. We use ever-increasing efficiency to provide best-value solutions for public healthcare. Our values reflect our dedication to performance while maintaining the highest ethical and quality standards.



Embrace Accountability – We act decisively with thoughtful purpose and speed.

Foster Teamwork – We are one team, working together to reach the same goals.

Drive Innovation – We continually adapt and bring innovative solutions to the market.

Deliver Value –We focus on providing quality products for a competitive price.

Give Back – We make significant contributions to the communities we serve.

Develop Associates – We invest in our associates, as they are vital to our success.


Cahaba has been a Medicare contractor since the program began in 1966. Cahaba initially processed Part A and Part B claims for Alabama. In 1997, Cahaba took over the Georgia Part B workload. Cahaba acquired the Part A workloads for South Dakota and Iowa, and one of four Regional Home Health and Hospice workloads in 2000. Later that same year, Cahaba became the processor for the Mississippi Part B claims. In 2003, the passage of the Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act (MMA) mandated that all Medicare claims processing be done by MACs. Cahaba has continued to be a prominent Medicare contractor and is one of only nine contractors in the nation with experience processing Medicare claims.